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 ... Rich, thanks for your Professional touch.  All the boys & girls I have talked to said they loved going through the camp program.  Let's have fun again this year           - Lee & Ann

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated you and your staff. I had 2 sons who went to your camp and while we were driving early Monday morning to get to the first day of camp, my 7 year old said, "Mom, I don't want you to sign me up for this next year. I know I wont like it!"  On Wednesday of that week, he let me know that he would have gone 2 weeks in that camp. He had 2 of his friends who were in group 6 with him. My friends and I were hesitant about leaving, yes we were the ones with the 3 little girls.One day my oldest son had to use the restroom and we were very pleased to see that he was escorted by someone on your staff (team).You really got me with that. From your wife putting sun block on and also reimbursing me for the double-header club to your mom in the snack bar giving my daughter and her friends bubble gum for turning in a lost ball and blowing bubbles for them, to the funny slip-n-slide day. WOW!!! A MUST for next year.Thank you very much!!!!
Just to say my boys had a great time last week at baseball camp. Mark had a lot of fun helping, and if they weren't doing other camps the next one, they wanted to come back.
Thanks again.